Bridge and Structures

Major Experience
  • Design and Construction supervision of 30m Bridge at Ogbere Pegba, Ibadan. Oyo State
  • Design and construction supervision of multiple cell culverts at Ola Adua, Cele rainbow and Saasa Osajin sites, Ibadan. Oyo State.
  • Design and construction supervision of steel roof for Hatchery Building, TRF UniIbadan. Oyo State.
  • Design and construction supervision of Ayonette Building, Lokoja. Kogi State.


Urban Planning and Design

Integrated urban planning and design require a multi-disciplinary approach to secure a balanced and harmonious development with a thorough understanding of the basic relationship among transportation systems, geography and socio-economics.

Planover Engineering Consult planners and designers maintain high standards of planning and design. Through an integration of multi-disciplines, We offers our clients a comprehensive master planning and site development services, which maximize the opportunities of our clients

Geographic Information System

We carry out the production of Flood Hazard Map, Disaster Management System, Facilities Management System, DEM, and DTM that use GIS (Geography Information System) and the construction of the system built on WebGIS.

After the acquisition of Point Cloud with the Aerial photogrammetry and the 3D LIDAR, we visualize and acquire precise coordinate of the site. And after the acquisition of the image information, we process and fuse and generate the required spatial data.


Data Processing